The Entitlement Fix: Growing Hard Work and Gratitude In Your Kids

Does your family continue to struggle with lack of motivation and bad attitudes?

You give your kids more than enough, but they never seem grateful.

Your kids’ sense of entitlement makes you nervous about their ability to survive in the “real world.”

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This four session course was made with busy parents in mind. When you register, you’ll be able to interact with a community of parents experiencing the same struggles as you, all online.

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You aren’t alone!

Families everywhere are struggling against a growing sense of entitlement and lack of motivation.

Jim and Lynne Jackson co-founders of Connected Families, have taught on the topic of entitlement in live workshops over the past decade. They are excited to offer hands on tools, biblical perspective, and a lasting fix in this online course for your family!


Rather than throw your hands up in the air, or dig in and fight, we are inviting you to be purposeful about growing a sense of gratitude and hard work in your kids.

Entitlement Fix online course participants gain:
  • A new vision for your family
  • Practical tools you can implement today
  • Peace to replace the anxiety
  • A Biblically grounded strategy for wise responses
  • A Lasting Fix!

We feel hopeful that we can now get control of what can feel like a snowballing situation. The entitlement we see in our kids no longer feels like an emergency because we now have the tools to address it and the perspective to put them into practice with grace. This course puts many fears to rest in this specific area.

- Hannah and Dan, parents of 4

I saw a lot of change in my own behavior- modeling enjoying a job well done and modeling thankfulness to the people around me.

- Julia, mom of four

I had my eyes opened to the many ways we are actually able to bless others as a family!! Such a joy to see!

- Neleigh, mom to 10 year old twins

The biggest changes were implementing strategies that we know we'll keep at until they become habits, and keeping an eye out for entitlement in our children so we can respond wisely.

- Lindsay and Andrew, parents to Kai and Brooklyn in Minnesota

Four sessions that will transform the way you think about entitlement forever:

Session 1: How have we gotten so stuck in entitlement?

Session 2: I don’t want to do it!

Session 3: I want it now!

Session 4: The lasting fix, growing out of what the Bible calls, “Life that is truly life!”

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  • Loads of extra resources and videos on topics such as brain science, gratitude, vacationing with purpose, conversation tools.
  • A downloadable course workbook. Keep your thoughts and ideas handy for future reflection and to refresh your skills.
  • Lifetime access to the online course. Go back and review the material as often as needed.
  • Our money back guarantee. If you find that this course isn't for you, after watching the first session, contact us for a full refund.

Get started! We make it easy. We’ve seen the powerful difference that this material has made in the lives of families we’ve served. We want to make this course available to everyone! In order to do that, we’ve priced this as low as possible at $23.

If you simply can’t pay the suggested amount, request a scholarship.

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Your instructors, Jim and Lynne Jackson, speak to thousands of parents a year through Connected Families, the ministry they founded in 2002. They both bring their unique experience to the Entitlement Online Course; Jim working with at-risk teens, and Lynne as a pediatric occupational therapist working with sensory sensitive youngsters. Together they both had loads of experience raising their spirited young crew of three. After being dissatisfied with conventional parenting methodology, they began a journey to discover what it takes to see big changes happen through the quality of relationships that build strong influence with kids' hearts.

Your online course moderator, Stacy Bellward has been married for 17 years and mom to 2 middle school girls, she loves to be the cheerleader in online courses, helping parents bring the Connected Families messages home. Stacy is also an award winning author, speaker, and certified leadership coach, but most of all is soaking up all the moments of motherhood, knowing that her children will be out on their own in the blink of an eye.


Still unsure? Read through our list of FAQs!

  • What is the ideal age range?
    While the material in this course is helpful for parent with kids of all ages, it is most beneficial to those with children in elementary and middle school (ages 5 to 14)

  • How long does each session take?
    Each of the 4 sessions takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. That is a total of about 2 hours. Allow a few minutes for interaction with the online community over the 1 or 2 questions we ask. It’s possible for a busy family to complete the course, even within a month.

  • Can I have a friend join me?
    Of course! In fact, we encourage it! Just have that person register separately. If finances are an issue, have them fill out the scholarship form. Please do not share your username and password with others.

  • Does this course address kids with special needs?
    We think this is a great foundation for all parenting, regardless of special needs. If, however, you feel like the course is not helpful to your family due to a child’s special needs, just contact us for a full refund.

  • Could you tell me more about Connected Families before I commit?
    Connected Families exists to bring uncommon grace and truth to those parents longing for more than simple answers and quick fixes. The basic idea is this: When parents make a primary goal of getting their children to behave, parents and kids generally become adversaries. But when parents learn to focus first on helping their children grow into healthy, biblically-based beliefs about themselves and the world, they grow in true respect and responsibility. They gain greater understanding of who they are and God's purposes for them.

    Nothing that we do at Connected Families is methodical or prescriptive. There are not steps to follow for a certain outcome. We teach that there needs to be a foundation of safety and love, and we achieve that foundation by asking lots of questions of our self, and then asking how our child is perceiving our interactions with them (such as body language and tone). Then we move on to coaching them in their God given gifting. When needed, we correct. Our goal is not about ideal behavior, but all about the heart of the parent and the heart of the child.

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